Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why I do not like to drive

Now that I’ve been home a few minutes, I am not as upset. So I will only say a little bit on the subject of obscene gestures. Foul, inappropriate, disappointing, and definitely not classy. You want me to see what a moron you are? Go ahead, flip me the bird. Your crazy driving skills certainly didn’t lay it out there well enough.

I was leaving my local club store, which I lerve, and traffic was a smidge heavy. I was pulling left into traffic, and looking out for speed demons around some curves, when I slowly started edging out into the turn lane. Someone across the street, exiting another parking lot by whipping around other parked cars to the road, but without a stop sign, would likely have had right-of-way, but not when it takes flying at whiney top gear to try zip out in front of me, then barely edging in behind me and the other dude coming up on my tail. How dare I pull my nondescript jellybean of a minivan out in front of her, while she is obviously trying to deliver pizzas before the person even calls for them. Only fair, I presume, that she practically drive under my rear bumper for all of 200 yards until she can fling her hatchback into the next neighborhood, waving the ugly birdy at me the entire time. Ooh, that made my day better. I really should have guessed that the road is not safe for those who exercise caution; it is available for those who consider only themselves.

I have kids in the car – I drive a minivan, for crying out loud! I was obviously being cautious, and would have stopped had I seen her parking lot antics in time, but as I didn’t see her, nor did I stop, she saw fit to teach me a lesson by trying to beat me anyways. She failed at that, so her only option was to ride my butt and flip me off. I guess yielding and driving carefully are for losers like me who do not want to become traffic statistics.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Has he written into the sunset?

I sure hope not... I love sassy rejoinders!

Rolling Rufus

Has anyone ever wondered how a tiny toddler can roll around in his crib, creating the most resonant, booming thuds and thumps, and sleep through it? It sounds as though he has knocked the crib over and he is pounding around on his floor, which is the ceiling above my head right now. Funny, because the juxtaposition of this excellent sleep ability is oddly contrasted with his inability to sleep through a door squeaking shut in a room across the hall. Ooh, I hope the new house doesn’t need WD-40’d! The smell lingers.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Evening rambles

As I sit here, family in bed above me, I read article after article of depressing and morbid news stories. I feel I could easily sink into despair… mothers losing children to swine flu, inner-city violence and personal cannibalistic demons. It’s a living nightmare, life on this earth, a living nightmare! I have prayed for a few folks in particular articles, and I hope others have too. What else is there in this world that’ll do any good?

The hubs is sicky tonight, so I need to make sure I am good and tired before I go up and keep him awake with my tossing to and fro. Even something a little more light-hearted wouldn’t cover the memory of my news reading tonight. Ugh. I am between novels, so I do not know what to start and therefore am relegated to late-night online “window” shopping to lull me into a sleepy stupor. It's funny, no matter how tired I am during the day, when someone starts feeling sick a mommy-doser of adrenaline keeps me jumping. I feel calm despite the elevated heart rate, and I believe it’s God helping me be a mommy, because that is part of what I pray for, since I am well aware that I can do none of it on my own.

The stinky gray-man is playing the headrest this evening, and I will smile at that while I can; we will not be here late nights for long. To my sweeties upstairs I blow kisses and sogni d’oro. To the rest of you dearies, peace be with you.

Monday, July 27, 2009


I have an enormous backlog of fines at the library of trouble, as I am a frequent borrower. I realize that the tenor of my thoughts today is sardonic, (the tenor is sardonic, not the thoughts… see, English grammar mini-lesson). So I am sharing a verse paraphrased into a blog description: Matthew 6:34 – “Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” Live your day today, take care of today’s issues today; tomorrow will be here all too soon, bringing its own set of trials and special moments. Worrying about tomorrow will only get you to waste today, and won’t help a bit. If I were good at this, I would be one cool cucumber, I tell ya.

A daily dose of derisive direction

How many of us write to the great unknown of the interwebs, despite the nagging knowledge of its inherent futility? Maybe I’ll be funny, maybe I’ll hone my writing skills, maybe I’ll feel connected or important to the world at large, maybe I’ll eventually get some ad revenue. All of these have gone through my head, and none are the right reason for me, because they aren’t completely true. My reason for writing: I like being on the computer and I’m just in it for the kicks and giggles.

In about a month I will have my own desk, although likely to also be overrun with mail and purses and key rings and a myriad of other minutia, I plan on setting up my laptop and my tablet, and learning to draw with it. A comic strip may be just the thing to prove that I can neither draw nor be humorous, but I am determined to finally find myself out. If I create anything postable, you can fully expect it to be of the MarioPaint quality, so that’s something to be excited about.

As far as daily tidbits of guidance that anyone could deliver, I will likely wax poetical on life with kiddos, underachieving amateur photography, bargain shopping, controlled carbohydrate cooking, and moving households. And possibly anything else I feel like, since I cannot deny that this is an exercise in egocentrism.

Until the next blurb, I sincerely hope you are having a good day.