Thursday, April 1, 2010

Those who wait...

Since I have only recently started re-educating myself as to the Bulgarian adoption process, I am relying on other blogs for my news. I also recently found such a wealth of blogs regarding their own personal trek through the process that I am feeling behind and confused. I have a lot of reading to do!

According to Almost Home, the Ministry of Justice in Bulgaria, the MoJ, is agreeing to strive to share more information regarding children already on their registry of adoptable Special Needs and older children, and also to add many more children to the registry starting this year, 2010. I could summarize, but Almost Home has already done so here:

I do not know if this is “good” news or distressing, but AGCI told us that we could apply once our new baby is 9 months old which will be in February 2011, which seems to be about when hope can be applied to referrals increasing. I know that the process is taking years; I just don’t want to think about the length so very much. I hope that the MoJ’s endeavors will (eventually) expedite current waiting families and increase the number of waiting children who are adopted into a forever home. Maybe the Bulgaria to US international adoption statistics will finally gain more than a “modest uptick”…

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